Cleveland Mediation Center

Communicate. Resolve conflict. Learn to listen.

CMC promotes just and peaceful community in Northeast Ohio by honoring all people, building their capacity to act, and facilitating opportunities for them to engage in conflict constructively.

What is mediation and how can it be helpful?

Mediation is a process for resolving disputes in which a neutral third party helps conflicting parties have a conversation to jointly resolve their concerns. It allows people to work things out directly with each other, helping those involved to diffuse emotion, correct misunderstandings, and be satisfied with outcomes because they created them directly. Depending on your particular situation, mediation may be a viable and less costly alternative to litigation.

What kinds of conflicts can be mediated?

Many types of conflicts can be mediated, including family, neighbor, landlord/tenant, and some workplace/business issues. Family mediations can be held to resolve care of elder parents, custody and visitation issues, and divorce terms, etc. Neighbor mediation can address noise, pet, property issues, and more. Co-worker issues and contract disputes are some examples of workplace/business mediation.

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Cleveland Mediation Center is located at 2012 West 25th Street, Suite 412, Cleveland, Ohio 44113. p: 216-621-1919, f: 216-621-3202